Cumberland Open 2011

This took place on

Saturday 18th June 2011 & Sunday 19th June 2011


Austin Friars St. Monica’s School,
Etterby Scaur,


 Men’s Foil:

1. H. Whitwell, York Uni
2. R. Anderson, Glasgow Uni
3. C. Spencer-Taylor, QEGS
3. S. Welsh, Durham Phoenix
5. N. Cochrane, Kendal
6. M. Oldham, Kendal
7. C. Holt-Davis, Kendal
8. D.Andrews, Kendal
9. R. Forster, Durham Phoenix
10. P. Maxwell, Teeside
11. C. Taylor, Teeside

 Men’s Epee:

1. A. Rollo, U/A
2. S. Barker, Harlequins
3. M. Keppie, Stockport
3. T. Skingale, York Uni
5. P. Sellars, York Uni
6. L. Kite, Bolton
7. N. Zissler, Durham
8. D. Mc Glade, Lazlos
9. S. Hannah, Herdwick
10. A. Winter, EFC
11. A. Chapman, Team Northumbria
12. P. Barker, Harlequins
13. J. Craig (SNR) Blackpool
14. D. Mac Gregor, Team Northumbria

Women’s Epee:

1. L. Ridsdale, Cardiff
2. L. Highton, York Uni
3. M. Matheson, Team Newcastle
3. L. Stanger, Herdwick
5. J. Muir, Saltires MPC
6. A. Crosby, Lazlo
7. R. Williams, Glasgow Uni
8. C. Sheult, Lazlo
9. A. Mailey, RAF
10. H. Helliwell, Dundee

Men’s Sabre:

1. G. Sancroft, Salle Rollo
2. J. Ghosh, EFC
3. A. Pearson, Salle Rollo
3. A. Williamson, Herdwick
5. J. Peart, Lazlo
6. G. Baker, Salle Rollo
7. R. Anderson, Glasgow Uni
8. T. Lindley, Rivington Park
9. A. Rollo, U/A
10. S. Hannah, Herdwick
11. S. Welsh, Durham Phoenix
12. K. Davidson, GWEFC
13. P. Wood, Herdwick
14. C. Pearson, Antonine
15. D. Helliwell, Dundee
16. J. Austin, Herdwick

 Women’s Foil:

1. K. Harris, Louth
2. L. Mc Clelland, Lazlo
3. L. Anderson, Glasgow Uni
3. H. Pitt, GWEFC
5. A. Ross, GWEFC
6. R. Davidson, GWEFC
7. R. Williams, Glasgow Uni

 Women’s Sabre:

1. J. Mc Millan, Salle Rollo
2. L. Anderson, Glasgow Uni
3. R. Bober, Herdwick
3. M. Gilmore, Lazlo
5. A. Mailey, RAF
6. R. Williams, Glasgow Uni
7. H. Helliwell, Dundee

Please note:

  • Fencers were not be allowed to fence wearing Sword Price Fighters Fencing clothing during the competition. More…

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