Cumberland Open 2010

This 6 weapon fencing tournament took place at Trinity School, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 1JB on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June 2010


Mens Epee

1 Adam Gordon University of St.Andrews
2 Joe Craig Jnr Harrogate
3 James Calder Glasgow University
3 Tristan Spicer Team Newcastle
5 Dom Cross West Lancs
6 Stephen Hannah Herdwick
7 Andrew Rollo Unattached
8 Andrew Winter Edinburgh
9 Andrew Dixon Team Newcastle
10 Matthew Keppie Stockport
11 Aiden Dickinson Team Newcastle
11 Matt Pocock Wallace
13 Ronnie Mitch Unattached
14 Joash Lewis University of Central Lancs
15 Benjamin McGuckin Team Northumbria
16 Joe Craig Snr Blackpool


Mens Sabre

1 Glenn Sancroft Salle Rollo
2 Julian ghosh EFC
3 Andy Pearson Salle Rollo
3 Andrew Williamson Herdwick
5 James Anderson GWEFC
6 Gavin Baker Salle Rollo
7 Stephen Hannah Herdwick
8 Keith Davidson GWEFC
9 Mattew Keppie Stockport
10 Patrick Dougan Glasgow University
11 Sean Devereux Herdwick
12 Stephen Reed Washington
13 David Hellewell Dundee
14 Philip Wood Herdwick


Mens Foil

1 Acland Bryant Salle Paul
2 Paul Stanbridge Unattached
3 Richard Anderson Salle Rollo
3 Adam Heslop RCP
5 Glenn Sancroft Salle Rollo
6 James Anderson EFC
7 Chris Holt-Davis Kendal
8 Lyle Bryant Salle Paul
9 James Docherty Team Newcastle
10 Neil Cochrane Kendal
11 Matthew Simmons herdwick


Womens Epee

1 Lucy Ridsdale Laszlos
2 Abigail Harvey Newcastle
3 Chloe Dickson Dunfermline
3 Leah Stanger Herdwick
5 Hannah Nesbitt Newcastle
6 Helen Dack Northumberland
7 Sara Thompson Harlequins
8 Carole Seheult Laszlos
9 Anna Grunze NFC
10 Alison Crosby Laszlos
11Marie Matheson Newcastle
12 Sarah Hellewell Strathallan
13 Alexandra Mailey RAF
14 Serena Hannah Herdwick
14 Helen Hellewell Dunfermline


Womens Sabre

1 Jen McMillan Salle Rollo
2 Chloe Dickson Dunfermline
3 Laura Anderson Glasgow University
3 Ruth Bober Herdwick
5 Sarah Hellewell Strathallan
6 Sarah Lamb Lancaster University
7 Serena Hannah Herdwick
8 Rowna Williams Glasgow University
9 Alexandra Mailey RAF
10 Hannah Holt-Davis Kendal
11 Liz Chinn Preston


Womens Foil

1 Alex Craig Laszlos
2 Chloe Dickson Dunfermline
3 Kati Archer Dunes
3 Hannah Holt-Davis Kendal
5 Liz Chinn Preston
6 Sarah Lamb Lancaster University
7 Hannah Archer Dunes
8 Laura Anderson Glasgow University
9 Serena Hannah Herdwick
10 Rowena Williams Glasgow University
11 Hebe Blackett Team Northumberland
12 Elaine Barker Kendal


Under 13 Training Foil

1 Elliott Hares Washington
2 Jacob Reed Washington
3 Liam Black Washington
3 Morgan Hares Washington
4 Josh Austin Herdwick
Under13 Practise Training Sabre
1 Morgan Hares Washington
2 Josh Austin Herdwick
3 Elliott Hares Washington
4 Jacob Reed Washington
5 Liam Black Washington



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